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Covid 19 Update:

As much as we wanted to stay the same, hard times ask us to modified our business to Covid Normality, until times get better and we are able to shake each other’s hand, we have made some changes. We have eliminated our waiting room, unfortunately our clients will have to wait in their cars or outside the studio, following the county social distancing guidelines, we have curbside parking as well.

Photo Studio Sessions:

PLEASE WEAR your mask when you arrive to the counter, we will ask our Covid Questioner and take temperature to everyone who will be inside the studio, please reschedule and stay home if you feel sick. Our studio was reduced by 75%, therefore we are not allowing more than 4 adults or 5 kids at the same time during sessions and our sessions are no longer than 40 minutes, after each session we sanitize our props, background and we spray lysol in the floor (just in case). Due to our studio reduction, be prepared to be carseat-less and stroller-less as we will not allow strollers nor carseats inside the studio, with the exception of wheelchairs.

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After session is completed, we will send a link thru text with session proofs, choose package poses (poses start with DSC_####, please text back as a list including photo sizes) after we confirm list was received, the turnaround time for session packages varies from the same day to 4 days. Please be advised that all sessions we take, might be posted in our social media for profile purposes only. Shipping and delivery available with request. Outdoor and Sunday morning appointments available 3 weeks ahead of time, please contact us.

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