Covid 19 Pandemic (Coronavirus)

March 19, 2020 was the day when all retail stores including us Corona Digital Photo Pro Lab & Studio had to close their doors to the public. It was a very hard decision and time. We had to cancel our March, April and May moms and newborns, Easter and Mother’s Days Mini Sessions. Weddings, Baptism, First Communions, Quinceañeras, Prom and Graduations were canceled or postponed, it not only hit us Photo Laboratories hard but it also hit the photographers and videographers whom work for us and whom we print photos for. Time flies by and we can’t believe we were closed for more than 2 months. It was a nerve-racking time waiting and being afraid we might never reopen, but thanks to the citizens of Los Angeles for following the social distancing guidelines and our frontline workers, we were able to straighten the curve and now proceed to phase 2, where retail stores can re-open their business.
Now following the new “normal”, we are so excited and happy to reopen. While offering In Studio Photo Sessions again, you now have the option to have an Outdoor Photo Sessions with of course following the social distancing protocols. You can also book your 2021 special events
We are working really hard to finish preparing after reopening on June 1st; our curbside pick-up parking sign and face shield are in delivery, we have our face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and Lysol ready.
Our employees and Photographers will follow social distancing protocols, wear a mouth mask and gloves to keep everyone  and everything safe and sanitized in our laboratory. We will start preparing our Indoor Photo Studio for future sessions and sanitizing our photo props and cloths.
We will eliminated our waiting room, clients will not have access to come in our laboratory and unfortunately will have our customers drop off their orders by the door, blocking our laboratory entrance. Our customers will have to wait in their cars or come back to pick up their orders when they receive a text or call, digital advance payments are highly recommended before pick up. We will have new temporary social distancing hours, check our About Us page. Please wear a mask before visiting us, we will refuse service to anyone who does not follow social distancing protocols.