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Cake Smash Sessions

It’s a special time when your baby finally turns ONE! Our Indoor Photo Studio is currently closed due to Covid-19 but we can still capture your baby’s cake smash. If you haven’t taken your photos yet, book now to remember “the one where i turned ONE in a pandemic”

We are now offering In Location Sessions in your preferred location. It can be at a park, in your backyard or inside your home. Sadly your baby’s first birthday party had to be postponed or cancelled, don’t let time pass by, book now!


Have no clue how a cake smash is?

Well first of all its so cute to see your baby’s reaction when touching a cake for the first time, baby might be scared to touch the cake or might not care at all and destroy it.

The process is first we take pictures in Set Up 1 the clean session, your baby will be wearing a nice outfit, her small little cute dress or his cute tuxedo with his little cute bowtie. Photo poses are baby with the number 1, baby sitting or standing up, baby sitting in chair, baby with newborn picture framed, baby holding letters “O” “N” “E”.

Then its Set Up 2 the cake smash session, your baby will be wearing either a onesie with a tutu or just a onesie with diaper cover or how ever you decide. Photo poses are baby with cake on background, then cake is getting closer and finally the cake will be close enough so baby can touch the cake. We usually end the session when baby has all hand(s) dirty or when baby doesn’t know what else to do and starts crawling away.

Lastly Set Up 3 is the tub session, after you baby covered with frosting, you’ll defiantly need to take them a bath. Your baby will be wearing just diaper or no diaper in a warm tub with the option of having the water clear or whitish (we add a bit of milk). Almost all babies like bath time, this session will be faster than the other ones, we just need the right pose when baby is splashing the water or looking at the camera. So cute!


All our session options include with:

  • Personalized chalkboard with baby’s milestones, you can keep
  • Matching White Onesie with tutu or diaper covering, you keep the onesie
  • Set Up Props
  • and of course the Cake* with the topper, you keep

*The cake that we provide in our session are naked cake, simple cake and rose cake. The more custom cakes we can provide with $40 extra fee. Due to Covid19, you are welcome to provide your own cake with a discount of $15.



1.  Decide on your package

2. Book your session

3. Figure out what theme you would like, maybe

  • Baby Shark
  • Pink and Gold
  • Fairy with Gold
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Hello Kittie
  • Snoopy
  • Mermaid

any thing in mind we can make it happen. Once we have the theme in mind, we’ll start preparing the set ups and props.

4. Let me know what cake you decided on

  • Naked Cake
  • Simple Cake
  • Rose Cake
  • Custom Cake ($40 fee)


5. Tell me the size of baby’s onesie


6. I’ll send you an email of the questions I need for the chalkboard, which include:

  • Full Name (last name optional):
  • Date of Birth:
  • Current: weight (pounds), length (inches):
  • How many teeth (if any):
  • Optional: Nickname:
  • Optional: Parents’ Name:

for the following questions give me baby’s top three answers for each:

  • Baby Loves:
  • Doesn’t Like:
  • Fav Foods:
  • Fav Books:
  • Fav Songs:
  • Baby Can do what?:
  • Baby can say, what words:
  • Describe Baby in 3 words:
  • Baby’s Top 3 experiences(example: had the flu, went to an airplane trip, first Disney trip,…:

7. After session, I’ll send you a link for your Online Private Gallery, so you can choose your package

8. After you email me back your package list, I’ll have everything ready in less than 1 week.


We will be following social distancing protocols. We ask that everyone who is not in the photo shoot still follows social distancing towards the photographer. Before we arrive to the location we will have sanitized our photo props that baby will touch during the photo shoot. Please read more about our Covid 19 Precautions.


Chocolate Whip Package: 

Book Session 2 weeks prior to Photo Shoot

Duration: 30 min

-Photo Prints: 1-8×10, 9-4×6

-Retouch & Print Release: 10 images

-Seating Person: 1

-Background/Set Ups or Outfit Changes: 1

-Personalized Chalkboard Sign


(session will be cancelled if before)**

In Our Photo Studio Price: $99.99**

In your Location Price: $224.99**~

Cancellation Fee: $50.00



Strawberry Whip Package:

Book Session 3 weeks prior to Photo Shoot

Duration: 40 min

-Photo Prints: 1-11×14, 4-5×7, 15-4×6

-Retouch & Print Release: 20 images

-Seating Person: 1

-Background/Set Ups or Outfit Changes: 2

-Personalized Chalkboard Sign

-Matching Onesie

-Cake Matching Color Set Up


(session will be cancelled if before)

In Our Photo Studio Price: $170.99

In your Location Price: $295.99**~

Cancellation Fee: $60.00


Vanilla Whip Package:

Book Session 3 weeks prior to Photo Shoot

Duration: 60 min

-Photo Prints: 1-20×24 Collage, 30-4×6

-Retouch & Print Release: 30 images

-Seating Person: 3

-Background/Set Ups or Outfit Changes: 3

-Personalized Themed Chalkboard Sign

-Matching Personalized Onesie

-Cake Matching Theme Set Up


(session will be cancelled if before)

In Our Photo Studio Price: $230.99

In your Location Price: $355.99**~

Cancellation Fee: $70.00


**Taxes will be added after price

~Location of your choice within 10 mile radius

Book an In Studio Session Appointment

Please contact to Book an Outdoor Session